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Yesterday we had a great time at Teesside Autodrome with our DRIVING EXTRAVAGANZA! At Stunt Drive Experience we teamed up with Ice Driver, Teesside Karting and Jurys Inn Middlesbrough to put on the Ultimate Corporate Event for Fusion Students!

They came from all over the UK on Monday and stayed at the Jurys Inn, arriving on site early yesterday morning I don’t think they realised what a day we had planned! The group was split into 2, half started their day with the Stunt Drive team learning to be a Stunt Driver, whilst the other half started their morning on the track learning some racing skills. After a lunch break the groups then swapped over, towards the end of the afternoon session the groups started to flag, but their day wasn’t over yet! They still had an hour Iron Man Karting Challenge to compete in, with a few exhausted by this point, the majority finished their Karting session then headed back to the Jurys Inn for an early night before the train journey home this morning!

Photo 10-10-2017, 3 16 44 pm Photo 10-10-2017, 5 07 21 pm Photo 10-10-2017, 5 29 30 pm Photo 10-10-2017, 2 49 26 pm Photo 10-10-2017, 12 20 24 pm Photo 11-10-2017, 4 04 32 pm

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