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I had a great time last weekend at Autosport International promoting myself and Stunt Drive Experience and working with Teesside Karting for four days at the biggest car show in Europe. We had two cars on display in the Karting Arena.

Photo 14-01-2016, 4 11 52 pmPhoto 17-01-2016, 10 21 36 am






I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful and inspiring people such as Susie Wolff, Paddy Hopkirk and Claire Williams.

Photo 16-01-2016, 11 55 45 am (1)

Photo 16-01-2016, 8 37 35 am







Photo 15-01-2016, 9 55 21 pmI was also honoured to be asked to compete in the Celebrity Kart Race as a celebrity. The race took place on the Friday evening and was a three hour endurance built up of 22 teams raising money in memory of Dan Wheldon for the Alzheimer’s SocietyEach team had a celebrity added to their team, I was lucky enough to meet and be racing against fellow Stunt and Precision Driver Salvo Cachia, and also Troy Corser and Steve Parrish again; who I competed against and got to know last year.

Photo 15-01-2016, 10 23 15 pm


At the show I rejoined the BWRDC (British Women’s Racing Drivers Club), where I am hoping to work closely with them in the future to promote more women in motorsport of various disciplines. I also joined Susie Wolff’s brand new venture which was launched at the show promoting women in motorsport and encouraging the next generation; Dare To Be Different.Photo 16-01-2016, 7 03 35 pm


Over all it was a great show and got to meet some amazing contacts.

Photo 17-01-2016, 10 20 53 am

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